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Penniluck  was born in 1946, the 5th of 8 children. They were a poor family and on the day my Mum was born the family had three small lucky things that happened to them. Nothing big, but made a difference to them that week.

My Grandfather ( who died when my Mum was 12 ) went to register my Mum's birth without my Grandmother. She was to have been named Penelope but my Grandfather registered her as Penniluck McGinnis because he felt she had brought some luck to the family. Many times she disliked her name as it caused her problems as it was so unique. 

She died at aged 72 after an extremely short diagnosis of cancer. She always said she felt she had not really done a lot with her life but I disagreed. she had 9 children who in turn have given her numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren, and she left us a legacy of writing.

She never had much money so would always write a poem for our birthdays and as her family got bigger it was no mean feat to come up with new content. I always told her that these would be the best gift we could have especially when she had passed from this world. I spend hours often going through her poems and feel so blessed to know how she felt about me.

She had been published in quite a few poetry anthologies and has a space on a poetry site - link.

Over time I hope to publish many of her poems here.

She had also nearly completed memoirs of her years as a child and the years with my Dad, unfortunately that only took us until the age of 29 but I have many stories that I may also add so that her book can get published.

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