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Handmade Mala's created to your personal specifications. Please email / text for further information.

All mala's come with 108 hand knotted beads and a Guru bead (or pendant). They all come with instructions on cleansing and using them, as well as information about the chosen beads.

I have started making Mala bracelets as well which are great for making with a group in a retreat environment. I also make them to order  as gifts for the attendees.

As well as providing handmade Mala's, I also teach people how to make their own Mala. I provide support in using their Mala as a tool in their meditation practice. This is either as a 1-1 sessions at my home or to groups in studios or at retreats.


 For the last few years I have been teaching groups of students as part of their YTT training.

How I started making Mala's

I completed my yoga teacher training (YTT) in 2020, with Be Yoga in Haywards Heath Sussex.

As part of our first day we had an afternoon learning about meditation and made our own mala.

I really struggled with getting the knots close enough and initially thought I will never make another one! I had to undo quite a few knots - this was a test of patience and also a metaphor for life. 

I found that using my mala helped me concentrate when meditating, and also started to have an interest in the various properties of crystals, so I bought a 'make your own at home' pack from Helen, and then another one, and another one..... by then I was hooked (and my knots were improving)! I still use that first Mala for my daily meditation practice as the imperfections remind me that life is not perfect.

I now run my own workshops and teach student yoga teachers as part of their training.

It does make me smile when I remember how frustrated I got initially.


How I make my Mala's

A client usually has an idea of either the colour range they would like, or the reason they would like a healing mala. It could be they want to work with a given issue like not feeling they speak their own truth; or have issues with self-esteem; grief or a physical, emotional or spiritual thing they want to work on.

By using specific stones or beads, as well as working with affirmations or mantra, the mala can be a healing tool that they can use to support a meditation practice.

Sometimes a client will just want them because they are beautiful, but I truly believe that often they are drawn to them because of an intuitive need to work on a particular issue, even if that is at a subconscious level.

Once I have been approached I start working on various options on my board. I LOVE my board by @theweekendmystic as it has 108 spaces for me to trial options to show the client.


We decide together which mantra or affirmation they want me to use when I am hand knotting each bead. Clients get photographic updates throughout the process of creating their individual mala to allow them to ask for changes and be involved in the process.

Once complete, I package up with instructions on how to cleanse; how to use and a small amount of information about the stones used.

I can also make half or quarter mala's, or meditation bracelets. 

Ordering your own Mala

(contact me directly by email or text  information at bottom of the page. Shop coming soon)


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