Handmade Mala's created to your personal specifications. Please email / text for further information or to order your Mala.

There are a selection below of ones I have made, these can either be replicated with your own mantra/affirmation used when I make them.

I do have a few in stock, but usually I make them to order and work with the client to make sure they have exactly what supports their specific needs.

All mala's come with 108 hand knotted beads and a Guru bead (or pendant). They all come with instructions on cleansing and using them, as well as information about the chosen beads.

How I started making Mala's

I completed my yoga teacher training (YTT) in 2020, with Be Yoga in Haywards Heath Sussex.

As part of our first day we had an afternoon learning about meditation and made a mala. I really struggled with getting the knots close enough and that day did not think I would ever make another one! I had to get Helen (from Prompted by Nature) who taught us to undo quite a few knots - this was a test of patience and how to accept the journey. 

 I found that using my mala helped me concentrate when meditating, and also started to have an interest in the various properties of crystals, so I sent for a 'make your own at home' pack from Helen, and then another one, and another one..... by then I was hooked (and my knots were improving)! I have gifted over 10 and have made quite a few for clients already. I also have quite a few that I practiced on in the beginning (always good to have evidence of improvement)

Helen then gave up doing mala workshops and shared her knowledge and skills to a small group of us via a course How to teach mala making and meditation.

I can now run my own workshops, which I will do more of when lockdown allows!

Most of all I love making them.

It does make me smile when I remember how frustrated I got initially.


How I make my Mala's

A client usually has an idea of either the colour range they would like, or the reason they would like a healing mala. It could be they want to work with a given issue like not feeling they speak their own truth; or have issues with self-esteem; grief or a physical, emotional or spiritual thing they want to work on.

By using specific stones or beads, as well as working with affirmations or mantra, the mala can be a tool that the client can use to meditate and work on these issues.

Sometimes a client will just want them because they are beautiful, but I truly believe that often they are drawn to them because of an intuitive attraction due to a need to work on an area.

Once I have been approached I start working on various options on my board. I LOVE my board by @theweekendmystic as it has 108 spaces and space in the midddle for the beads I am swapping in and out. I will send these pictures to the client who will agree when its as they would like it.

I then ask what mantra or affirmation they want me to use when I am hand knotting each bead to the nylon cord, and then I create the mala. I may then approach them to work out the colour of the tassel if not agreed before. Clients get photographic updates throughout the process of creating their individual mala.

Once complete, I package up with instructions on how to cleanse; how to use and a small amount of information about the stones used and where they can find out more.


Ordering your own Mala

(There is a Shop coming soon to this site - for now contact me directly)

I can also make half or quarter malas - please enquire if you would like this.

This style of mala has 10 gem stones, 

Rudraksha seeds, a Guru bead and tassel.

This style is £35 +£2 P&P (UK).


The style of mala (in the pictures below) has 26-30 gem stones, 

with either Rudraksha or wooden beads making it up to the 108 beads and

a Guru bead (which is usually larger than the 6mm or 8mm beads used for the rest of the mala).

This style is £40-£50  (depending on stones used and whether there is a tassel or a pendant) +£2 P&P (UK).