"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."




A bit about me...

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I am Angie aka CARNALILY

​For 30 years I worked in the NHS as a women's health nurse, specialist health visitor and a midwife. I also worked in grief, loss and bereavement support across that time.

I retired from the NHS last year and qualified as a Yoga Teacher with the aim of incorporating my knowledge to support women using yoga, meditation, journaling, and grief support.

I am Mum to three gorgeous women, who are all mothers too, giving me nine grandchildren between them. I think being a woman is really hard, we feel we have to be all things to all people and often this means we forget ourselves in the process.

My motto was always 'I am a bit of me to everything, but not enough of me to anything'. I felt pulled in so many directions, as I am sure many of us feel.

I defined myself as all the various roles that I fulfilled - wife; mother; daughter; nurse; granddaughter; friend...but who was I really? Losing my parents as well as going through the menopause, left me feeling a little lost.


I struggled with the grief of losing my Mum suddenly from cancer in 2018.

My Dad and step dad had died not that many years before. 

My experience in bereavement services and nursing made me sure that I could fast track myself through the grieving process, but that was to become a lesson in humility as it was me that needed help, and that did not sit well with someone who always looked after others.

I started to attend yoga classes and truly believe that finding a yoga teacher who taught me about the philosophy of yoga and not just yoga poses,  made a massive difference in my life.

I knew that this was to be a new phase in life and led to me completing my yoga teacher training. I already had knowledge about pregnancy and women's health from my midwifery and nursing so it seemed a natural step to specialise which is why I completed further training in these areas.

All this occurred just as Covid hit, that also threw all my plans. A real test in accepting 'What is'.... and letting go of attachment to plans I had.

I have much to learn, but my motto changed to    'I AM enough as I am'. 


My yoga training included:

  • RYT200hr training with Bryony Homerton at Be-Yoga in Haywards Heath

  • 85hr pregnancy, postnatal and Mother and Baby specialist training with Sally Parkes

  • 40hr Menopause Yoga teacher training with Petra Coveney through Yoga Campus 


I have completed some short online short courses:

  • Yoga for Anxiety with Heather Mason - the Minded Institute

  • Yoga Nidra with The Yoga Nidra Network

  • Anatomy and Physiology Fundamentals with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

Grief Recovery Specialist with Grief Recovery UK


General yoga sessions on a 1-1 basis sequenced to meet your individual needs

Pregnancy or postnatal 1-1 sessions sequenced to meet your individual needs

Pregnancy/postnatal workshops dates TBA 

Mala making workshops dates TBA 

Menopause Yoga workshops dates TBA 

Journaling and women's circle workshops dates TBA

Handmade Mala beads (made to individual specifications)

Handmade Journals - decorated and utilising whatever paper type you require  (i.e. is it for writing, watercolour or mixed?)

T-Shirts/Tote and makeup or pencil cases - (Please contact me directly or visit here - shop coming soon!)